Chimney Service's 



Chimney Rebuild!

This chimney was deteriorating pretty badly and needed a new flue and crown. Client reached out and we were happy to take on this job!

Tear down

Another Re-Build 

This job was a little tricky because we could not find the brick to match. The original brick manufacture company closed during Covid making the brick unavailable. When we informed the client, they were already aware of this because of a similair issue with a neighbor's recent house work. Thankfully, we figured out a solution and we are happy to report that the client was very happy with how it came out!

A small little Chimney for a furnace.

Old block Chimney Re-build.

This chimney was in bad shape.


The chimney was in pretty bad shape and need to be torn down the roof line.


We rebuild this from the roof Flashing up and replaced deteriorated brick below the flash.